For those not familiar with the Japanese music scene, L'Arc~en~Ciel are one of biggest rock acts and Ken is their guitarist. How important is Ken? He has about 4 Fernandes signature models, some of which cost over US$2000! This model is an eye-catching hot-rod strat with humbucker, coil splitter and licensed Floyd Rose bridge. In EXC condition.

SOLD: Thank you Andy (Hong Kong)

FR-AV Adrian Vandenberg Signature model
Designed and used by Adrian just prior to switching endorsements to Peavey. This model with custom multi-color squares graphic and active pickups is seen in some early Whitesnake publicity and concert photos but is virtually nonexistent in the market. Unfortunately this particular guitar was in a ¡¥player¡¦ condition with some pickup modifications but a rare find nonetheless.
SOLD: Thank you Timmy (USA)

FR-AV Adrian Vandenberg Signature model
Another of the very rare Fernandes Vandenberg models to pass through our hands. This version does not have the active pickups but does have an original Floyd Rose tremolo. Fairly clean top, lightly used but banged around bit.
SOLD: Thank you Dan (USA)

An excellent project guitar as almost all the original graphic finish is intact. Original FGI pickups were removed and had a DiMarzio PAF Pro DP151 humbucker only. Had signs of a midi/piezo installation. Some missing hardware. Came tremolo bar, Dunlop strap locks and vinyl gigbag.
  SOLD: Thank you James (USA)

FR 120-AV Adrian Vandenberg Signature
A near mint example of this rare guitar. Shipped in Fender case.
SOLD: Thank you Andrew (UK)

FR120-AV Adrian Vandenberg Signature Neck-Thru model
Once the top-of-the line Fernandes model. Featured on the cover of the 1987 Fernandes catalog. Recently featured on the cover of Young Guitar Extra Vandenberg special issue. Features a neck-through construction and original Fernandes FGI pickups. Glad we could finally make good on a 5 year-old request.
SOLD: Thank you Masashi (Japan)